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Hypnotherapist in BristolMy name is Greg Nejedly and I work here at hypnotherapy bristol practice. I'm here to assure you that I am dedicated towards providing you the best therapy experience possible.

I am passionate about helping you truly experience a better life and have a genuine interest in helping you get the most out of your sessions. I want you to come away feeling like you've experienced something of great value to you.

I use the most effective techniques I know to help you overcome your issues in as brief an amount of time as possible. I have a fresh, enthusiastic approach to every session because I know your success means something of great value has been achieved. I want you to become the person you want to be.

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I went to see Greg because I was suffering with work-related stress and anxiety. I wasn't sleeping properly; waking in the early hours of the morning feeling anxious about the day or week ahead. Sunday nights and Monday mornings were dreadful. At work I often felt tense and irritable. Anxiety about work seemed to have seeped through into every aspect of my life - even when I was at home, supposedly away from work.

Greg was able to explain in a very clear way how the more primitive parts of the brain can allow anxiety levels to increase. Within a week after seeing Greg for the first time, I felt a noticeable improvement in my stress and anxiety levels. After several weeks I now feel like a different person, able to view life in perspective, to cope with issues at work and, most importantly, to be able to have free time away from work which really is away from work. I also no longer wake in the early hours of the morning feeling anxious. - Mick -
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Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues. You can stop panic attacks now, relax using hypnotherapy for anxiety, it's the best way to stop smoking, discover how you can take back control with hypnotherapy weight loss, improve your confidence with hypnotherapy self confidence, or find out for yourself how you can overcome shyness or social anxiety, plus much more.

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Hypnotherapy has greatly improved my life. I had been suffering with severe panic attacks until I met Greg. Greg taught me techniques to control them, and I found hypnotherapy very relaxing.-Sophie-

Did you know?

  • "New Scientist Magazine" says Hypnosis is the most effective and best way to stop smoking, imagine what else it can help with?
  • Hypnosis is 100% safe and natural with no side effects and plenty of good results
  • You can create new behaviours, attitudes and beliefs in a matter of weeks
  • You can get rid of panic attacks, phobias, exam nerves, stress, depression, lack of confidence and much more