What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking?

Many people quit smoking every day for a variety of reasons but it’s no surprise that one of the most typical reasons is because of health concerns. This is why more and more people every day are trying to stop smoking. Many are successful and yet many fail. If you fall into the latter category, keep reading as I want to give you some encouragement by providing you a list of changes your body will make if and when you decide to stop smoking.

Benefits Of Stopping Smoking

We all know and understand that smoking causes many health problems including cancer of the lungs and throat, bronchitis, emphysema, diabetes, COPD and the list goes on. Yet there are many benefits you can look forward to when you finally crack the habit.

Your sight will improve by avoiding the damage that smoking causes to your vision. Your hearing will improve. Skin can feel healthier and clearer with fewer blemishes while avoiding the ageing effects that smoking has on your body.

Benefits of stopping smoking. Picture of cigarette broken in half resting on an ashtray.

Your risk of heart disease and heart attacks reduce and can be reversed. Smoking constricts your arteries placing pressure on your heart. Stopping smoking helps to thin your blood, avoiding the possibility of clotting which in turn helps your heart to pump blood around your body more easily.

You will be able to reduce your cholesterol level and slow down the build-up of fatty deposits in your arteries.

You can expect to breathe more easily finding it easier to walk upstairs, go for a jog, enjoy a nice swim and generally be more active. This is because your lung function will increase and you’ll find yourself being less out of breath. Scarred lungs and emphysema are irreversible, so it’s best to stop before you get to that stage. If you notice yourself coughing more than usual after you’ve stopped smoking, it’s a sign the Cilia in your lungs and airways are regrowing. At this stage, you may also notice your energy levels increasing and find it easier to fight off bad infections and common colds.

It’s also extremely encouraging to realise that any damage your DNA has incurred as a result of smoking can be reversed and lower your risk of cancer.

Many people put on weight as a result of smoking and this is because of the increased belly fat. This, in turn, can also lead to you developing diabetes. Stopping smoking will reduce belly fat and reduce the risk of diabetes. If you already have diabetes, then you’ll be able to control your blood sugar levels far more effectively.

Women can expect a return to normal levels of Estrogen which can also help increase the chances of falling pregnant.

Men can look forward to things working more effectively down below. Nicotine restricts the blood flow which means a non-smoker can experience firmer, faster and longer erections.

You can look forward to an increase in the number of white blood cells which in turn can help you fight off illness, infection, and disease more effectively as your immune system regains strength.

Smoking increases the level of Carbon Monoxide in your blood which in turn reduces the level of oxygen circulating your body. Stopping smoking means the removal of Carbon Monoxide which means you can expect to feel physically stronger.

Quit Smoking Health Timeline

How long would you guess it takes for your body to start to heal and recover the moment you stop smoking? I’ve asked my clients this question many times and the answers are widely varied but more often than not, they overestimate by a very large margin ranging from 2 months to 2 years. The truth, which you’ll be pleased to know, is far more encouraging than that.

Bristol stop smoking hypnotherapy service infographic.
  • 20 mins – Blood pressure and temperature of hands and feet return to normal.
  • 8 hrs – Carbon monoxide level drops to normal resulting in your oxygen level increasing to normal levels.
  • 24 hrs – Chance of heart attack decreases.
  • 48 hrs – Nerve endings start to re-grow and you may notice an improvement in your smell and taste.
  • 2 weeks – Circulation improves and you’ll find it easier to exercise as lung function increases by 33%.
  • 1 – 9 months – Cilia re-grow in lungs and airways, helping you to fight off colds and infections. You may briefly notice some additional coughing at this stage but this will decrease and you’ll feel your sinuses improving. You’ll notice an increase in your energy levels as well.
  • 1 – 1.5 years – Excess risk of heart disease reduces by 50%.
  • 2.5 – 5 years – Lung cancer death rate, throat and mouth risk decreases by 50%.
  • 5 – 10 years – Risk of stroke is equal to that of a non-smoker.
  • 10 years – Lung cancer death rate equivalent to a non-smoker. There are also significant reductions in the risk of developing mouth, throat, bladder and pancreatic cancer.
  • 10 – 15 years – Risk of heart disease is equivalent to a non-smoker.

I know many of my clients find it encouraging to realise how quickly their body recovers from the moment they put out their last cigarette, and I hope this provides you with some motivation too.

People stop smoking every day through willpower alone and I know this can be a real struggle. It can feel as if you need every ounce of strength to deal with the cravings. You try not to think about smoking but the more you try, the more you think about smoking!

So what other alternative is out there that can help?

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You Stop Smoking For Good?

Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful approaches to helping people finally break the habit for good and there’s very good reason as to why this is the case.

Most people have been led to believe that smoking is one of the most difficult habits to kick because nicotine is so addictive. But is this really true?

Don’t believe everything the multi-Billion dollar smoking cessation industry tells you. In fact, what I uncover on my stop smoking hypnotherapy service page is quite enlightening.

All it takes is making a decision to quit and a real motivation to want to stop for reasons that are strong enough to motivate you towards becoming a non-smoker. You cannot be forced to do anything you don’t want to do and hypnosis can’t force you against your will, so if you want to finally kick the habit, then hypnotherapy can help to make your transition that much easier.

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