What People Are Saying

How you view the world is all about perspective. Giving yourself courage to create your own positive perspective, giving it meaning and believing in it is key. Greg has really helped me build a great foundation for understanding what this actually means which is highly empowering!

Greg's positive, friendly and approachable nature makes each session with him a pleasure. He really takes you on a journey that, when you reflect, you can recognise your own progress which really helps drive you forward! Thank you so much Greg!

I went to see Greg because I was suffering with work-related stress and anxiety. I wasn’t sleeping properly; waking in the early hours of the morning feeling anxious about the day or week ahead. Sunday nights and Monday mornings were dreadful. At work I often felt tense and irritable.

Anxiety about work seemed to have seeped through into every aspect of my life – even when I was at home, supposedly away from work.Greg was able to explain in a very clear way how the more primitive parts of the brain can allow anxiety levels to increase.

Within a week after seeing Greg for the first time, I felt a noticeable improvement in my stress and anxiety levels. After several weeks I now feel like a different person, able to view life in perspective, to cope with issues at work and, most importantly, to be able to have free time away from work which really is away from work. I also no longer wake in the early hours of the morning feeling anxious.

I can’t thank Greg enough for the help he has given me in dealing with anxiety. My outlook on life has also changed and I no longer worry about what may happen as I just take each day as it comes.

I didn’t realise what a difference hypnotherapy could make and I would encourage anyone experiencing difficulties of any kind to give it a try. Just follow the advice that Greg gives you in the calm and relaxed atmosphere at his practice and keep listening to the recording that you will be given and you will turn things around.
I can honestly say I'm amazed at the things that have been happening in my life since working with Greg.

Hypnotherapy is something I would have sniffed at a few years ago, but having developed a greater understanding of what impact the subconscious mind has on the micro-decision making that directs one's life on a much grander scale, I had to give hypno a go.

For reducing anxiety, approaching situations in a more outcome focused manner and generally living life more positively and confidently, the ripple down effects have been staggering. I wholeheartedly endorse Greg and his work. If you have the opportunity to work with him, don't waste another second!
I’ve been meaning to email you to let you know that the presentation went well. I felt much more relaxed and confident about it, and wasn’t worried about what people were thinking. I had lots of nice comments afterwards which was also reassuring.

I had to do another presentation last week to a smaller audience, and although it’s not something I enjoy I certainly don’t feel as anxious about it. I found the techniques you taught me very useful. I’m amazed at the difference!
I underwent Hypnosis by Greg on 25th of April for quitting smoking, two months on, no cravings !!!!
I saw Greg probably 3 years ago for six sessions. Since then my life has turned around. I now know how to turn off the triggers for my panic attacks and anxiety.

I still listen to the relaxation CD he gave me whenever I need it. Chills me out completely. I highly recommend Greg's services.
Just to let you know Hannah took her driving test on Tuesday and passed - thank you for your help.