Do You Want To Feel Confident Socialising?

Discover how you can stop over-worrying about how others think about you, so you can focus on really connecting with people.

Learn how to use your powerful mind to experience socialising in a completely different way. Begin to feel relaxed, calm and confident with people you’ve never met before. Put an end to panicking, and begin to feel a renewed inner strength so people can really appreciate who you are. You’ve got so much to give, now is your chance to do so.

Did you know social anxiety is the third most common psychiatric disorder after depression and alcoholism. It tends to begin in childhood or adolescence. Around 40% of social phobias begin before you’re 10 years of age and 95% start before the age of 20. Social Phobia is the most common anxiety disorder and it’s thought that 1 in 10 people suffer it at some point in their lives. The most common associated fears are; speaking in public, speaking to strangers, fear of meeting new people, using public bathrooms and being the centre of attention.

Typically, if you’re suffering from social anxiety you will be completely aware of your physical responses, such as blushing, perspiration, trembling voice etc. This can lead to increased levels of anxiety as you begin to fear others may notice these responses and as much as you try to stop these responses, it just doesn’t work! Looking back on the situation, you may have feelings of embarrassment, shame, frustration, anger or self-worthlessness.

These are of course subconscious responses, and you are in fact experiencing what is otherwise know as fight or flight, as the subconscious believes this is a threatening environment. Even the thought of talking to others can cause extreme anxiety and the actual experience of going through the event may cause a panic attack.

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Hypnotherapy is a very effective approach to helping you finally overcome your challenges.

Sometimes when we experience the same old feelings, they become so normal to us, that we begin to think it’s impossible to change. So let me just make this absolutely clear. How you think determines how you feel and behave, your thoughts influence your reality and the great thing about your thoughts is that you have control over them, which means you have the ability to change the way you feel and behave.

If you’ve learned over time how to be unconfident talking to others, then logic dictates that you have just as much capability of learning how to be confident instead. The problem is that if subconsciously your mind raises the alarm to be anxious when you’re with a group of people (because it believes you’re in a dangerous situation and your subconscisous exists to keep you out of danger) and instead, consciously you want to feel calm and confident (telling yourself, I must be calm, I must be confident etc), it’s a losing battle as the subconscious always wins. So you continue to feel anxious. Trying to change the way you feel about socialising by consciously adjusting the way you talk and stand and sit and make eye contact is not the most efficient or effective way to actually feel confident.

So what is? Let me ask you a question:

If there was a way to naturally and automatically feel calm, relaxed, excited and confident when socialising to the point where you can begin to actually enjoy the time you spend with others, perhaps even organising your own parties, asking people out and generally feeling so much better in yourself, because you realise just how fantastic a person you really are, would you be interested?

Change is possible and any change that is made at the subconscious level, means you are creating new habits, behaviours and beliefs about who and what you are capable of doing.

Hypnosis allows you to enter into a suggestive state where carefully constructed suggestions are made to the subconscious mind, suggestions that begin to alter your experiences of socialsing.

Instead of imagining a group of people laughing at you, you’re paying careful attention to what the person next to you is saying, wondering if you agree or not, whether there’s potential for a funny joke to be made of it. You’re probably looking around to see who grabs your attention, wondering what it is about them you like, or perhaps you notice them looking at you with a pleasant smile on their face, which makes you feel good about yourself.

Could these be the thought processes of someone like you? Yes they could and yes they can become a normal experience. If your sense of confidence and self worth is high up the scale, and your anxiety is low, then guess what? You stop over-worrying about how others think about you so you can focus on really connecting with people.

How hypnotherapy can help

During our time together, we will look to build your resources to enable you to handle those situations you currently feel uneasy in. Remember, those feelings of embarassment, blushing, sweating and feelings of nausea are all subconscious responses to your ‘threatening’ environment. During therapy you will begin to re-evaluate these situations and believe you are more than capable of performing in front of others.

By reprogramming your subconscious mind to believe these situations are no longer a threat, and are in fact safe environments, you will begin to appreciate how much more comfortable you really can be the next time your subconscious mind perceives you are experiencing a performance situation (which can range from public speaking, writing or eating in public, or meeting new people).

You will learn how to use self-hypnosis and powerful NLP techniques you can use anywhere, anytime, before any situation you feel uncomfortable in, that will help your mind and body to relax within moments.

  • Enjoy feeling so relaxed and confident in yourself that others want to be like you.
  • Place aside any fears of what others might think, so you can go out there and enjoy being you and everything you have to offer.
  • Have no concerns about talking to a large group of people, enjoy being the centre of attention.
  • Feel what it’s like to realise other people actually enjoy your company.
  • Ask people out on dates and don’t worry about whether they say “yes” or “no”.
  • Look forward to going out with your friends and family creating stronger relationships.
  • Feel absolutely fantastic about yourself, have that confidence to be great!
  • Look forward to meeting new people, creating new friendships.

In a matter of weeks you can begin to change how you feel about socialising using a solution focused approach. You know what confidence looks like and during our time together, you will be expertly guided into a relaxing state of hypnosis so you begin to create shifts in your awareness and beliefs guiding you week by week toward being the person you truly want to be.

Ready to start your journey Today?

Hypnotherapy is a very effective approach to helping you finally overcome your challenges.