What Do I Charge For Your Hypnotherapy Sessions?

I am passionate about helping you overcome the problems that are holding you back and have gained a lot of experience through my years of practice, helping many people just like you, successfully. The prices below reflect my experience.

An Initial Consultation is completely FREE and takes approximately 45 minutes. There is no need for a consultation if you’re looking to quit smoking.

Hypnotherapy sessions that follow after the consultation are around 50 minutes, during which we will check your progress and focus on how you want things to be, finishing off with a nice relaxing trance, where much of what we’ve talked about is communicated to your subconscious while in trance.

Smoking Cessation only requires a single session which lasts up to 2 hours.

I wanted to email you directly to thank you for all your help and the positive effect you have had on me. I’m very pleased I made the decision to come and see you. – Gareth –

  • Initial Consultation: FREE
  • Hypnotherapy session: ¬£70 per session
  • Quit Smoking session: ¬£150

Why choose me as your therapist?

My name is Greg Nejedly and I’m dedicated to helping you overcome your emotional problems through the use of one of the most powerful psychotherapeutic interventions, namely hypnotherapy.

I am an effective hypnotherapist with many years experience, attaining to the highest standards of therapy and ethics with a friendly approach and the following qualifications:

  • HPD: Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (the highest qualification awarded by the NCH and externally accredited by NCFE – NVQ Level 4)
  • DHP: Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) which ensure a high standard of achievement and ethical conduct to obtain membership.The UK does not as such have a governing body to regulate complimentary therapies such as hypnotherapy. Instead organisations such as the National Council for Hypnotherapy lay down a strict entry requirement to ensure a high standard of achievement in order to obtain membership.

There is also a requirement to continually advance one’s knowledge in the field of therapy with continued practitioner’s development throughout the year.

I strive to make your sessions as relaxing as possible with a friendly attitude ensuring you understand the requirement for teamwork to achieve desired results.